How A Personal Trainer Helped Jessica Simpson Loses Weight

Jessica Simpson recently lost 100 pounds. The former model desired to accomplish a goal of losing 100 pounds and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle during her weight loss program. Jessica Simpson had previously been photographed with her arms and legs protruding, reflecting her massive weight loss. Jessica Simpson had successfully managed to shed the weight after consulting a nutritionist, but she needed help to keep her target of losing one hundred pounds every two weeks. Through her weight loss plan, Jessica Simpson was able to achieve a slim, fit body.


Not only did Jessica Simpson use a nutritionist to help with her weight loss, but also used a personal trainer as well. Jessica had chosen to work with a personal trainer, explaining that she felt confident that this person understood what it takes to help a celebrity lose weight while staying healthy. With a large body type and high level of fitness, it is important for celebrities to use a trainer to help them set realistic goals and to challenge their bodies to succeed at their new fitness level. Using a trainer can make it easier to stay on track with your weight loss goals by having someone to guide you through the physical changes you are making and by encouraging you to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Even with a trainer to help you lose the weight loss you need, it’s important to continue to monitor how much weight you’ve lost and how fast your weight loss is. Jessica Simpson found that she could keep track of how fast her weight loss progress was by using the calorie counters which would keep track of everything she ate for six months. When the trainer noticed that Jessica’s calorie count was decreasing, she would come up with a new way to eat or a combination of foods that she could eat to further boost her results. Although Jessica Simpson used a weight loss program with a trainer, she could not have accomplished her feat without the help of a personal trainer.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Diet

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